Speedy Tech On-Call

Sprintworks Tech On-Call guarantees fast, reliable and affordable service when you need it most. We arrive at your office in no time at all with an extensive supply of parts and tools, to complete the necessary repairs to your printer on the spot.

Our technician will inspect and test your printer thoroughly, and inform you of any additional potential problems that may arise to cause future malfunctions. We’ll even assess your toner cartridge requirements, and if you like, arrange to return bright and early the next morning to replenish your supply.

With Sprintworks Tech On-Call service you will only be billed for replacement parts and labour. There is no charge for travel time within the GTA, or if you need to temporarily borrow one of our loaner printers.

Even if your printer is still under warranty, Sprintworks can save you the trouble of having to return it to the dealer, explain the problem, wait for replacement parts to be ordered, pick up the printer and re-install it at your office.

If you wish, while we’re at it, we can also take inventory of all the printers in your office and place a Sprintworks unique identification sticker on each one, to make it easy for you to get in touch with us next time any one of your printers malfunctions. Pertinent information about each printer will be entered into our database to maintain a comprehensive history, and thereby monitor the cost and benefit of its maintenance.