Paper Size Errors

Paper size mismatch

When using more than one size of paper, an error can sometimes occur because the laser printer was sent an incorrect command from the computer to print on a size of paper not in the paper tray. This is not a printer repair problem. It is a user error.

If your laser printer drawer is configured to accommodate legal size 8.5 x 14” paper and you send an incorrect command from you computer to print a job on 8.5 x 11” letter size paper, you will receive the error such as, “Paper size mismatch,” or a message that directs you to load letter size paper. The printer is not malfunctioning. The solution is simple. You must change the paper in the drawer to letter size to match the print job.

The printer error, indicating size mismatch, will appear if the properties of the file you are sending are incorrect. Each document you send to the laser printer retains information from the last document printed. If you used legal paper the last time you printed, then unless you change the properties of the file, the printer will attempt to print on legal size paper again. If your printer has letter paper and the computer says legal then a size paper size mismatch error will occur.

The manual paper tray is different. The manual paper tray cannot intuitively decipher between legal or letter size paper. If you send a command from your computer that indicates legal size paper and the tray is loaded with letter size paper the majority of the
time, a paper jam will occur. Why? Because the laser printer is expecting a long sheet of paper and when it recognizes the end of the page too soon, an error message will appear. The solution is simple. Load and specify the correct paper size every time to ensure there is no paper size mismatch. If the problem persists, contact Sprintworks for professional, fast and reliable service.