Power Surge Protection

Laser printer power surge protection

Laser printers require a different type of surge protection than computers, which use a UPS (uninterruptible power supply). During a power failure, the UPS will maintain power to your computer and monitor for a limited time. This gives you the opportunity to shut down your computer without data loss. But a UPS does not provide suitable protection for your laser printer.

Your laser printer, scanner and fax machine should never be connected to the UPS. Printers and fax machines draw too much amperage (different from voltage). The amperage will shorten the life of your UPS and cause possible power feedback, which destroys printer formatter or network connections, and could be responsible for a costly laser printer repair bill.

There are three possible sources of surges that can cause laser printer problems – the power cord, the network connection and the telephone line. Power connection protection is essential to prevent costly repairs to laser printers, faxes and scanners. Purchase 1,200 or 2,400 joules surge protectors. They are inexpensive and can save you hundreds of dollars in printer repair costs.