Preventing Laser Repairs

5 Simple steps to help prevent costly laser printer repairs and save you hundreds of dollars

Sprintworks 5 simple steps to help prevent costly laser printer repairs.

Save hundreds of dollars by following our 5 simple steps to keeping your printer

Power Off
Always power off before you conduct any of the following maintenance on your laser printer.

Over time dirt, toner and paper accumulates in your laser printer. Sprintworks uses a special vacuum designed for toner removal to clean out your printer once a month. This will help prevent dirt from destroying your drums and fuser assembly.

Paper Quality
Use paper that produces less paper residue and fibres. Paper leaves behind fibres (paper particles) that accumulate in your laser printer. Just like dirt, over time paper fibres will cause damage to your drum, transfer corona rollers and fuser assemblies. This can even cause paper jam problems.

All toner based machines have fuser assemblies and drive gears. If your fuser assembly fails it could be a costly repair. Sprintworks offers comprehensive maintenance service, which includes lubricating your laser printers at regular intervals to optimize performance.

Power Protection
Protect your laser printer from power problems caused by surges, brownouts and lightening with a surge protector with a rating of 1200 joules or higher. Do not connect your printers to a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply).