Random Characters Displaying

Random characters

This simple problem has a simple solution. If your laser printer prints one or more pages with random characters, the problem is most probably a loose printer cable. Make sure the cable attached to the printer is secure. If it is loose or damaged then secure and/or replace the cable to simply resolve this laser printer problem.

If you print a document using an incorrect or bad printer driver, the printer will not print, or it will print random characters. Check to see if the correct laser printer is selected in the properties page. Do this while the printed document is still on your screen. You may have the wrong laser printer selected, so simply select the right laser printer to fix the problem.

If you have selected the incorrect printer driver, you need to reinstall the correct printer driver. You must first delete the old driver and then download a new driver from the Internet. Do not try to repair the printer problem with your current driver. If you are not able to resolve the printer problem, contact the professionals at Sprintworks for technical support.