Typical Printer Problems

What are the typical laser printer problems?

Common wear and tear is what typically causes problems with laser printers. All brands of laser printers contain the same basic components that break drown: pickup rollers, fusers, separation pads and imaging units. 90% of all repairs involve at least one of these parts in the laser printer. Depending upon your brand of printer, standard repairs and maintenance can usually be performed in one hour.

The fuser is the component in the printer that uses pressure and heat to fuse the toner to the page. The paper feed roller and separation pad/roller work together to squeeze the page from the drawers to pick up one sheet at a time. The rollers are made with rubber and the pads with cork that wears out over time. If your printer picks up more than one sheet at a time, that’s an indication that the rollers need replacing. If you have a MFD (multi-function device) then you have an automatic document feeder. The document feeder works the same was as your laser printer paper drawers. Usually when your paper drawers start having problem on your printer then it’s a good idea to replace the pickup roller and separation pads on your ADF too. Sprintworks resolves your laser printer problems quickly and efficiently.